Yanbaru Forest Visitor Center/Dome Theater, Cape Hedo, Daisekirinzan, Okinawa Rail Ecology Center (C-course)

from Naha

Let's go to Yanbaru! Northern Okinawa National Park Enjoyment Course - Visit the forest of the Okinawa Rail (Yanbaru Kuina), Daisekirinzan!

【Operates on Sun., Mon., Tues., Thur., Fri., Sat.】Starts from May 1st, 2024 to Mar 31th, 2025

Enjoy the rich nature of northern Okinawa in the two Yanbaru villages: Kunigami Village, Ogimi Village!

  • Enjoy hiking through the abundant nature of “Daisekirinzan”, a designated area of Yanbaru National Park.
  • Meet Okinawa Rail in the Okinawa Rail Ecology Center!

Tour Price
Adult (Age 16+) JPY 12,000
Child (Age 6 to 15) JPY 10,000
Child (Age 3 to 5) JPY 5,000
Estimated TimeDeparture 8:00AM-8:20AM
Arrival 5:30PM-5:50PM
MealsLunch included
Required TimeAbout 10-11 hours
Tour PriceEstimated TimeMealsRequired Time
Adult (Age 16+) JPY 12,000
Departure 8:00AM-8:20AM
Arrival 5:30PM-5:50PM
Lunch includedAbout 10-11 hours
Child (Age 6 to 15) JPY 10,000
Child (Age 3 to 5) JPY 5,000
Included in tour fee:

Yanbaru Forest Visitor Center / Dome Theater entrance fee
Daisekirinzan entrance fee
Okinawa Rail Ecology Center entrance fee
Multilingual Automatic Audio Guide usage fee
Earphone fee
Lunch fee (age 3 and over)
Round-trip sightseeing bus fare
Tour conductor fee
Consumption Tax
Gifts (local specialty products)

Tour Itinerary

Departure time / Boarding point

8:00 AM

Kenmin Hiroba (Okinawa Kencho-Mae/Prefectural Office)

県民広場(沖縄県庁前): Naha City Izumizaki 1-2-3

8:20 AM

T-Galleria Okinawa by DFS (Near “Aoyama no Youfuku”/”Aoyama Tailor” store)

T ギャラリア沖縄 by DFS: Naha City Omoromachi 4-1

Yanbaru Forest Visitor Center/Dome Theater

やんばるの森ビジターセンター ドームシアター

A new attraction of Ogimi village that opened up in February of 2020! As you enter the theatre with a 360-degree dome-shaped screen, you will be introduced various places of Yanbaru through a visual presentation.

Stay time:About 40 minutes

Fisherman’s Dining in Kunigami Village (Lunch)*Monday is Ogimi Sky Terrace

国頭港食堂(昼食)*月曜日は、大宜味 スカイテラス へご案内

A set meal consisting of sashimi platter (5 sorts) and fried local fish. Enjoy this set meal unique to the local area!

*Note that the menu may change depending on the availability of ingredients.
*Please inform us beforehand (during or after reservation) if you cannot eat raw fish or fried fish.
*[Ogimi Sky Terrace only for Monday departures]
Enjoy lunch with stunning views from the Sky Restaurant.

Stay time:About 50 minutes

Cape Hedo


Located about 120 kilometers north from Naha at the northern tip of Okinawa, Cape Hedo boasts world class scenery. On clear days, you can see Kagoshima prefecture’s Yoron Island about 22 kilometers in the distance from this scenic spot. The highlight is the cobalt-blue ocean seen from the sheer cliff of the raised coral reef! We also recommend the scenery along the west coast on the way to Cape Hedo.

Stay time:About 30 minutes



As of July 2021, Northern Okinawa (Yanbaru) has been enlisted as World Heritage Site! As you walk along the promenade, you can see the magnificent sea from the observatory as well as some rare subtropical plants and strange rock boulders that can only be seen in this area. If you are very lucky, you might even meet a wild Okinawa Rail!? Daisekirinzan is known as a sacred place since ancient times and is also famous as a power spot. You can choose between 4 of the walking/hiking courses, including the barrier-free course that is quite easy to walk.
※Free Shikuwasa (Okinawan citrus) drink ticket is included.

Stay time:About 1 hour

Okinawa Rail Ecology Center


This facility was created for the observation, study and the preservation of Okinawa Rail, a representative natural monument of Okinawa. Ecology center has a booth with reference materials where you will be able to study the ecology and environmental conditions of the Okinawa Rail as well as the observation booth that reproduces the environment that Okinawan Rail actually inhabits. You will also be able to meet the domesticated (otherwise very elusive) Okinawa Rail that is no stranger to people or the camera!

Stay time:About 30 minutes

Arrival time/drop-off point

5:30 PM

T-Galleria Okinawa by DFS (Bus stop next to Omoromachi station)

5:50 PM

Kenmin Hiroba (Okinawa Kencho-Mae/Prefectural Office)


Application period
Until 6:00 PM of day before departure
Minimum number of participants to start tour
1 guest
A cancellation charge will apply as follows:

2-7 days before the departure …. 30% of the tour fee
1 day before the departure …. 40% of the tour fee
Day of the departure …. 50% of the tour fee
No Show or cancellation/amendment after the departure …. 100% of the tour fee

For cancellation/changes please contact the number below.
E-mail hiphop@jumbotours.co.jp
Call +81-98-917-5575
Check our Frequently Asked Questions page.
To be noted
This tour is not accompanied by a bus guide. A tour conductor will lead you through the itinerary and overlook the tour.

Operation of the tour may be suspended if deemed difficult due to extreme external factors (Eg., typhoons).

Please acknowledge in advance that the schedule of the itinerary is subject to change due to traffic conditions.

When applying of the tour, you will be able to select your preferred boarding bus stop. Please note that we will not be stopping at every boarding bus stop, only the ones that were selected in the customer reservation for this specific day of the tour. If you would like to change your bus boarding stop from the one you have made in the reservation, please inform us at least one day before the day of the tour.

Depending on weather and road conditions, the order of the sightseeing spots might change. If you are unable to enter a sightseeing spot due to personal circumstances or other unforeseen factors (e.g. bad weather), we will not be able to refund the fee for that sightseeing spot.

In February of 2007, we have equipped Hip-Hop buses with AED devices. AED is medical device that gives an electric shock to the heart in the case of cardiopulmonary arrest. AED also provides automatic diagnosis if the electric shock is needed or not, so even people without medical knowledge can use it following the audio guideline. Our hope is that AED in the bus will provide support to our customers in the case of emergency.

※Photos are for illustrative purposes only and may not be exact representations.

※On the day of the tour, you will be picked up by a large, red bus with the car number “1981”. An alternate bus may be dispatched due to routine inspections, etc.

※Please wear comfortable clothes and shoes that are easy to walk in.

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Yanbaru Forest Visitor Center/Dome Theater, Cape Hedo, Daisekirinzan, Okinawa Rail Ecology Center (C-course)

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